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Waupaca's Rolling Fairways Make for the Perfect Escape

Waupaca Country Club and its unique course have close ties to the rich history of golf in America. “The course was designed in 1923 by Jack Burns, a superintendent at an Appleton, Wis., country club, and a golf lover who is believed to have been strongly influenced by Donald Ross,” says our Golf Professional.

Donald Ross is the famed architect who brought principles of golf design to America from Scotland. Ross, who had his heyday in the 1920s and 1930s, believed in fitting the course to the land he found and that’s true of how our course fits its knolls and valleys in Waupaca. Almost all the holes on this course have water in play. You’re also going to find an impeccably maintained course lined with mighty trees that glow with color in fall and burst with greenery in spring. The Waupaca River divides the course, and golfers have to cross the river four times during their rounds of play. Under the 200-year-old oaks and 150-year-old pine trees, bentgrass rolls across our tees and fairways and makes for a smooth quick surface on our tour-quality greens. Although this is a nine-hole course, it has been imaginatively set up for who wish to play 18 holes. You play your nine; then you go back and play another round from a second set of tees with a slightly different layout and new challenges from your first go-round.


Golf Course

Golf Course

Waupaca Country Club winds its way along the Waupaca River in the friendly Chain O Lakes area in east central Wisconsin. This has long been a resort area that provides the perfect escape from the pressures of urban living -- and our golf course offers the same. When you’re out on our rolling fairways making those choices that can get you to the greens in regulation, you’re truly getting away from it all. After spending an evening over dinner with family and friends in our fine restaurant, you’re going to want to return again and again. Like so many of our members and guests, you’re going to view Waupaca Country Club as your home away from home. This is a club with strong traditions, but it’s also comfortable, relaxed and friendly – a place where you, your family, and friends will always feel welcome. If you’re interested in playing a round of golf, please contact our PGA Professional, he can arrange a round of golf and a tour of our facilities for you.



Current and upcoming weather forecast. Please call us if you have any questions.

Sun - High 23° | Low 17°
Slight Chance Snow
Mon - High 31° | Low 23°
Slight Chance Snow
Tue - High 35° | Low 15°
Partly Sunny
Wed - High 25° | Low 10°

Course Layout - Please click on the picture for hole flyover.

                    Hole #1                                              Hole #2                                         Hole #3                                     Hole #4                                          Hole #5                  
                   Hole # 6                                           Hole #7                                         Hole #8                                      Hole #9    



Driving Range

Season range memberships are available, this allows the member to hit unlimited balls. The cost is $185.00 for an individual and add $50.00 if you would prefer a family pass. Members not interested in a season pass and or Guests may purchase range balls for $8.00. If you would like to sign up just let us know.


Club Care

Club Care is available for all members. For $85.00 per season, it includes storage, cleaning after each use, shaft I.D. Bands. Clubs are checked for needed repairs. It's no hassle because we'll have your clubs out before your round and put them away after. No more lugging clubs in and out of the car.



Every golfer should establish a handicap. It is required for most of our special events and tournaments. Even if you just play casually, it allows you to monitor your game over time. The cost is just $30.00 per season, which is billed on your club charge. The pro shop staff posts your scores on the computer in the Golf Shop. To sign up and get more details on posting scores, please check with Brian Pionkowski.



If you enjoy walking the golf course, you will love golfing with a caddie. No matter your skill level, a caddie is a great addition to your round. Caddies are available during the summer months on Thursdays and are "on call" the rest of the week. If you would like a caddie simply request one when you call for a tee time. We also ask that you fill out a brief evaluation card rating your caddie after the round. These cards are important to assist in training and for the caddies to earn points.

Golf Lessons

Individual 60 minute lessons with PGA Professional Brian Pionkowski will be $60.00. Please arrange for lessons in the Golf Shop or visit our Player Development page for more information. You can make an appointment with any one of the Golf Shop staff members.


Evans Scholarship

The ultimate reward for a caddie is the Evans Scholarship, a four-year grant awarded to qualified caddies each year. We currently have one young man at UW Madison who was awarded the Evans Scholarship. To be eligible for the scholarship caddies must meet stringent standards, including financial need, grades and a minimum number of "loops". Help out our caddie program. Use our caddies.


Riding Carts

We have 20 carts in our fleet. When you make your tee time, you should reserve golf carts at that time. There are times when we run out, particularly special events and Thursdays. Only 2 riders per cart. Use cart paths where available.


Hole in One Club

A $5.00 charge pays for "insurance" for one drink ($4.00 in value), for every member of the hole-in-one club, in addition to a $200.00 pro shop gift certificate and a commemorative gift documenting your achievement if you make a hole-in- one. The $5.00 is billed each time a hole-in-one is made. You must be playing with one other player so as to attest to a hole-in-one.



Any member who is not in arrears may charge transactions in the Golf Shop. At the end of each month you will receive a statement containing all charges for the month. Cash, checks and MasterCard/Visa are also accepted.

Player Development

Do you have a member of your family who wants to learn how to play golf? Are you having trouble with a swing or slice? Or perhaps you’d like to work on your short game. Whatever the issue, our PGA golf professional Brian Pionkowski can come up with a lesson plan to meet your needs and improve your skills on our course.

Individual lessons cost $60.00 per 60 minute session.

Group lessons can also be arranged – for a husband and wife, for example, or for a group of beginners.

Every Tuesday morning during the summer, our course is open to dozens of young golfers who participate in classes and also play golf with us.

All Waupaca Country Club students will be exposed to general golfing information including rules, history of the game, etiquette, golf procedures, drills, exercise, equipment, etc.  The programs will provide students with the building blocks that will enable them to play golf “at ease."

Waupaca Country Club Junior Golf Program

Please mail, email or drop off all registration information to Waupaca Country Club.


Prices vary based on level of instruction provided and golf course usage.
                                             Member                       Non-Member
Introductory                           $25                                  $40
Level 1                                    $50                                  $70
Level 2                                    $50                                  $70
Level 3                                    $50                                  $70
Ages (13-16) Level 3 Tuesdays 10:00 am - June 14, 21, 28 July 12, 19, 26
Ages (9-12) Level 2 Tuesdays 11:00 am - June 14, 21, 28 July 12, 19, 26
Ages (6-9) Level 1 Tuesdays 12:00 am- June 14, 21, 28 July 12, 19, 26
No-Holers Tuesdays 9:00 AM - June 14, 21, 38 July 12 (4 sessions)
The golf course will be made available to the students and their families Sautrday-Tuesday after 2:00 p.m. The students will play free of charge with adults paying a $10 green fee. Carts are available for the normal cart fee of $10 for 9 holes or $18.50 for 18 holes.

Ages are approximate depending on skill level, car pooling, social compatibility etc.


           As a life long golfer, I understand the importance of a good junior golf program. There is nothing more rewarding to me than introducing a youngster to golf or helping a more experienced junior take their game to a new level.

The Junior Golf Program at Waupaca Country Club is a fabulous opportunity for juniors to have fun and increase their knowledge of golf.  At no time in our history have youngsters faced so many temptations and frustrations in the always difficult growing process.  Our program encourages proper technique, etiquette, rules, sportsmanship, and most importantly, fun.  Beginning golf education at a young age is good for many reasons:  It provides boys and girls the opportunity for self -expression, plus, golf is a great teacher of self-reliance and self-discipline.  An added bonus is helping to create a solid core for the golf community in upcoming years.  Instilling positive and sportsmanlike attitudes in young players will make for better and more enthusiastic golfers in the future. The Junior Golf Program is open to all junior golfers age six and above. We have a special “no-hole group” for juniors under age 6 who show interest but are not ready for the course.

            Our junior program is designed to accommodate the needs of any student at any ability level. The no-holers, where kids as young as four putt their first golf ball, to the Competitive class where a student might break par for the first time, there is definitely something for every student.

            By dividing the juniors into various levels it will enable us to improve the student to teacher ratio and make it possible to work with juniors of varying abilities more effectively.

            The following pages outline each level and how we plan to progress through the summer. These plans may vary based on the size of the groups and their ability to grasp the various stages of learning. Thank you for your interest in the Waupaca Country Club Junior Golf Program.

No Holers (ages 4 to 6)

Introduce your child to the fun and great game of golf at a very early age.  They are ready!  The No Holer’s program is a series of 4 – 30 minute lessons to introduce the junior to the fun game of golf.  Golf clubs specifically designed for this age group are used during the lesson to ensure that we provide everything you need for your child to have fun learning.  Watch the smile on your child's face when they get the golf ball airborne!   This group will work extensively around the greens, chipping pitching and putting. Full swings will be taught in a very structured environment using limited flight balls. Basic etiquette, rules, and history of the game will also be taught. Classes may include on course “field trips”. Parents are encouraged but not required to attend. 


Level 1 (ages 6 to 9)

Level 1 is an introduction to golf class for boys and girls. The primary focus of this class is to make sure the students have fun and learn to enjoy playing golf and being at the golf course. This class will consist mainly of games involving putting and chipping. While the main focus of this class will be on having fun, students will also learn basic golf fundamentals such as grip, posture, aim and balance as well as an introduction to the rules and etiquette of the game. Students may be taken on the course if time allows, but they will not play entire rounds of golf at this level. Students may bring their own clubs but clubs will be available for them to use as well. A junior size putter, high lofted iron (7, 8, 9, wedge) and a wood of some sort will be all they will need for class. Junior size clubs may be purchased or rented. Please contact the Golf Shop at any time if you have questions regarding equipment.


Level 2 (ages 9 to 12)

Level 2 is the second stage of our junior program. Many of these students have already been through Level 1 but the class is open to beginners in the proper age range as well. Students should have at least one wood, one iron, a chipping club and a putter of their own. If you need assistance in obtaining clubs, please contact the Golf Shop. In the event there are drastic differences in ability amongst students the class may be split or another session may be added. In Level 2 the primary focus is still on having fun but students are expected to want to learn more about the game. It is our belief that juniors should learn to play the game around the green before advancing to the full swing. We will spend a majority of each class on putting and chipping, but there will also be time spent hitting balls as well. Students will be taught the fundamentals of grip, aim, stance and balance in all areas of the game. Students will also be expected to learn and appreciate the rules and etiquette of golf in this level. If time and class size allow, students will be taken onto the course to practice but students will not play entire rounds of golf in this Level.

Level 3

Level 3 is for students who have either completed Level 2 or have played a significant amount of golf. Students are expected to have a basic grasp of the fundamentals, should be able to get the ball in the air every time, have an understanding of the rules and should be able to play golf unsupervised. Students in this Level must have a strong interest in learning more and becoming better golfers. Students in this class will be introduced to more advanced subjects such as bunker shots, long shots from the fairway, etc. Class time will be split equally between short game, full swing and on course instruction. Following class, students will be allowed to play the course on their own if time allows (instructors will not accompany groups). On August 3rd, Level 3 students may participate in the Junior Club Championship.


Parental Assistance / Volunteers

Volunteers are welcome and an important part of Junior Golf with all levels. Parental assistance while not required is a vital part of our instruction program. We ask that parents, walk along with the various groups: To keep play moving, check scoring accuracy, encourage proper golf etiquette and safety. Parental assistance and volunteers from the membership and our community has long been a foundation of our program. Please let Brian Pionkowski know if you will be available to assist our program.


Waupaca Country Club Events

To make reservation please call (715) 258-7271 or fill out the form below


Tournaments - We Make Them Happen

The friendly atmosphere and beautifully maintained fairways and greens at Waupaca Country Club can provide the ideal setting for your next golf outing. Golf professional Brian Pionkowski has been involved in running events for the last 16 years and has been fortunate to be part of the Byron Nelson Celebrity Pro-Am held in Dallas Texas. He looks forward to bringing his expertise to your event.


Your Event

The club's staff can provide you with help in handicapping the players and in keeping score. "We can do contests and skill events," Pionkowski says. "And we provide the scoreboard." Golfers can compete in a stroke-play format or can try best ball or scramble for the form of play. We can help decide on the scoring and golf formats to fit your needs. Outings can be held any day except Wednesdays and Thursdays. For an additional cost, we can help you arrange breakfast or lunch on the course with the help of The Clubhouse. For a small fee per player we can provide brats, hamburgers and chicken breasts, baked beans, potato salad, potato chips and a cookie for your event.



Waupaca Weddings & Special Events

Although not officially part of Waupaca Country Club, The Clubhouse offers their guests the amenities of a fine restaurant located on a knoll overlooking the Waupaca River and the fifth fairway making it a great location for private parties and banquets. The Clubhouse is open for anniversaries,retirement parties, graduation celebrations, business seminars, holiday office parties and most important of all -- weddings.

Our Specialties

We do wedding receptions for couples drawn here from Waupaca and all over the surrounding area by our spacious facilities and beautiful grounds. This is a magnificent location for photographs to be taken for your wedding party. And remember, whatever the event, The Clubhouse's experienced staff can offer party guests all the amenities of a spectacular experience. We can arrange the details to meet the demands of the most discriminating taste. As many as 250 guests can be invited to your event. Smaller parties are welcome as well.

Your Event

Have your special occasion, corporate meeting, club gathering, or reunion at Waupaca Country Club. The Clubhouse will ensure it's a success! We can help with virtually any banquet or special meeting needs you may have. We have a complete set of services to make your meeting a success and planners to assist you to ensure everything goes smoothly. For more information and a customized quote, please call 715-258-2339.

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Waupaca Country Club Facilities


Golf Shop

The Golf Shop is the hub of all golf activity. Call or stop in to ask about membership. Tee times may be made no more than 1 week in advance. Tee times are not required, but during busy times are highly recommended to avoid waits on the first tee. All golfers shall register starting play. Fees such as golf cars, guest fees or pull carts must be taken care of before starting. All guests must sign the guest book. (Guests residing within 25 miles of Waupaca may only play three times, excluding special events) The Golf Shop is open daily during the golf season. The hours change depending on the time of year so be sure to check your monthly newsletter.


As a Waupaca Country Club member, you will find most of your favorite golf items in the Golf Shop. From beginning sets to high-tech; from used balls to Pro V1's you are covered. If you don’t see what you need, we will be glad to order it. Our prices are very competitive with the internet, other shops and "discounters" in the area, we believe in member prices, not retail.

Looking for a last-minute gift for a friend or relative? Our pro shop is loaded with gift possibilities that will appeal to golfers and non-golfers alike, including shirts, hats and jackets. In soft goods, we carry such brands as Foot-Joy, Ecco, Bermuda Sands, Under Armour, Monterey and The Weather Co.

Or are your tired, old clubs ruining your handicap? If you're interested in buying new clubs, we can provide you with help in fitting them to your style of swing and play. Among brands that we can order from are Titleist, Ping and Adams.

Image Example

Practice Facilities

Be sure to visit our excellent practice facility at Waupaca Country Club just before you play and allow 30 to 45 minutes for a warm-up to get your game off to a terrific start. Instead of starting on the driving range, start this time at the separate putting practice green located just outside the clubhouse and hole out each putt you make.

Then go to the driving range and start with some wedge shots and work your way up through the clubs in your bag. Our range has 12 stations and is 280 yards long by 100 yards wide to allow you to practice with all your clubs. We have the only range in the area with all-grass tees, a definite benefit to improving your practice session. Members can purchase a range plan that allows unlimited use of the driving range for      per year for the member with an additional     charge per year for each additional family member.

Move then to the separate chipping green and work on this important area of your game and also take some time working on your sand game at the greenside bunker at the chipping green. Then go back to the putting practice green and hole out some putts all over again.

Image Example

The Clubhouse Restaurant (715) 258-2339

The Clubhouse restaurant is open to the public and offers its guests a causual to elegant dining experience. With a menu of contemporary american cuisine, our food is sure to please everyones appetite.  The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner wednesdays through Fridays.  The Clubhouse also offers its banquet facilities to members and the public for any catered event.  For more information please call 715-258-2339.    

Waupaca's Best Membership
2016 new member rates

Single (Includes cart) - $1450 + tax

Couple / Family (Includes cart) - $1900 + tax



Waupaca Country Club is a private member owned club which represents a unique alternative to other courses in the area and has a reputation of being one of the finest facilities of its kind in the Midwest.


It starts with our immaculate tradition laden golf course and continues in our majestic clubhouse overlooking the Donald Ross influenced layout and the crystal clear Waupaca River. The Clubhouse, with its incomparable food and beverage service in an extraordinary environment is all part of being a member at Waupaca Country Club.

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